Thursday, September 27, 2007


Dreamt that I was putting my clothes away in the barn…now I don’t remember. There were two cops puling guys by their handcuffs milling around. I had just watched K deliver a lecture. Woman caring for a dead baby—it was a girl, doting on it, even after it was dead—when did I have that dream? As always there was locality…Jesus W, I whispered clutching him. Later in the dark hour where only violet light from the street.

After W and I woke up and made love to me in th dark hour I was wide awake through dawn. Byamba drove me to the bank where Jargal works. He has a big office and a secretary and guards. He got his MBA in Michigan. He wanted to know what I studied. He was quite kind and said three different friends he knew would be willing to have me in their homes. Two lived fairly far from the center and one close by—it’s a mother of 30 and her child, a girl. Chilaajav, my boss at the Writer’s Union will not be here til the 4th.

The zoo that was the cheap cell phone market—Otoo and Byamba thought no, nothing made in “the china” because it will break, but Egii thought yes, he got one there that has been working for 7 months—after some deliberation I got one there that was pink and, although I had set the language to English, keeps thinking I want to text in German.

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