Friday, September 28, 2007



Today at the near-deserted internet café a Mongolian man was watching pornography. I looked up once and there was some distinct-ramrodding motion happening. Needless to say, internet here enjoys complete (I think, thus far is has been) freedom from restrictions one finds in China and other places in Asia.

The internet café I am in now is populated exclusively by young men smoking Marlboro cigarettes, ashing into plastic soda bottles, and surfing YouTube, internet gaming, and mouthing along to music videos from The New Radicals to Justin Timberlake. This place technically closed an hour and a half ago, but I guess it closes whenever the dude at the front gets tired of his video game-it’s clearly a hangout spot after hours, and they’re letting me stay out of the kindness of their hearts. The guy next to me is talking to a pretty Mongolian girl through webcam.

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