Thursday, September 27, 2007


Here! In the flat that is just like Nadezhda and Anatoly’s apartment in Syktyvkar, Russia. Third floor on a stairwell soaked in the stench of piss.

Passed out on the flight instead of doing Mongolian like I planned. Unidentifiable food item with nothing but Asian lettering.

Outside an artificial dawn from a nighttime light I guess used to guard the parking lot.
In the apartment the Asian Foundation uses for short term guests. Alone. Food in the fridge. Something I read warns against digging further into a hole—is it him? Or something else? No es tu culpa, Michael said at he bar the pther night.

Now watching American hit music videos in a small corner of the tv screen.

Customs was a breeze. Didn’t check my bags even. Eegii and Myanga were waiting with a sign that said The Asia Foundation. It was slightly smoky smelling outside, more so on the little balcony once Eggii and Myanga left. They lugged my bags up the stairs. The drive into town was mellow. This apartment is a block from Sukhbaatar Square. Also mellow. Very much like Syktyvkar. Looking forward to seeing it in the morning.

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