Wednesday, October 3, 2007


An awesome secondary use of cell phones around here: finding one's movie seat. Because when you're going to see a hugely popular movie on a Friday night, the theater will be packed and you'll need to locate your numbered seat, and Mongolians are among the quickest I've seen to whip out a cell phone as The Answer to...well, any given situation, really.

They were supposed to be the answer for the three women who star in the film, that much is sure. Or at least, the modernity cell phones have come to symbolize. The movie--whose title I have forgotten, forgive me--is a sequal to one where Three Sisters From Yurt Country Come To The Big City. They start out in your basic lamb wool coats and plaited hair, and end up, respectively, a Big Shot Lawyer (think Legally Blonde but without the [intentional] comedy), a Happy Mother, and, of course, a Midriff Baring Pop Singer.

The accompanying music video is all over the music chat channels.


All in all it was a campfest. In college I was possibly the worst filmmaking T.A. in history--technical knowhow, exposure, and lighting all being weak points--but even I could see that perhaps one HD camera and two big lights were used to produce the whole thing. I think the most redeeming moment was when the three sisters are sitting outside in the shade with their drinks in Happy Mother's backyard, very Sex And The City style--except that Husband Man is busy in the background, skinning a whole sheep.

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