Saturday, October 6, 2007


Mongolian people have this tradition, Toya says. Daughters fear their mothers. My mother divorced my father. She told me she’d been waiting such a long time for it, but she wanted to raise her children the best way. Now my father is married again to a younger woman and he’s not living so good. My mother was very closed for three years after the divorce, thinking maybe she had made big mistake, but now she is good and she met a man who had a wife that died and they go for out walking out all the weekends. It’s so nice.

I went to Switzerland for a month to cook in my sister’s restaurant. I was nineteen. I was pregnant, and I did not tell her. It was my first love, my first husband. I was so blind. For two years I took care of him and his whole family and he was bad and drinking all the night.

So then I went like always to my sister. I came back from Switzerland and did not tell my ex husband or daughter that I was back. I went to get the right papers and pay the charge and there was a judge and she was so helpful and good and she knew the problems Mongolian women have. She said I could go get my daughter. When I went it was lucky he was not there, he went out drinking and sleeping somewhere. And his mother said yes because she understood I had to take her, and she said to be watching out that night because he would probably come and drinking and try to take our daughter. And yes then there was on the door a knocking very heavily and saying he was going to break the door and all these things. I told him I would see him in the court and he was crying for me and I said it’s too late. I love you very much in past but it will never come back.

I met Bayraa because I had some meetings with him to make a commercial for my friend’s company. After a while he said I want to make a date with you, not a meeting. But I had my daughter and I was thinking about her, and then I went like always to Switzerland for one month. He gave me some video to watch and I did not watch it because I was too busy cooking for my sister’s restaurant. But then one day I did and it was so good, it was such a feeling with my favorite song, and then I was crying and I called him. Then I got back and it has been so good. I told him, first you can see about my daughter. He said its no problem. Now when I go away for a month each year they have secrets together they don’t tell me! And when we go for vacation they are always playing these video games and I am always waiting them.

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