Sunday, October 28, 2007


By the way, Mongolians really do talk during everything. They answer their phones at poetry readings, as operas, at concerts, at recitals. They actually talk loudly to be heard above the din of the performance. If they don’t talk on their cell phones they talk to each other, and they tend to have snacks.

This suits me fine, since I am the type to go to movies by myself for the sheer comfort of sitting among all that human noise before and after the actual feature presentation. I think I get it from my mother, whose favorite part of orchestra concerts is the tune up. I don’t sadly miss my mother; rather I am imagining taking her everywhere I go. She would get a kick out of everything from Chimgee’s round onyx eyed little boy cousin with the angel wing ears to the orchestra pit where the horsehead fiddlers are getting tune-ready.

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