Saturday, March 22, 2008


These are some more of the gems I have run across while editing the manuscript of wolf stories called "Dog of Heaven" for Mongolia's National Library Director, Dr. Akim:
“ meter bride stream...”
“...wolf was waiving with its tale...”
“Marmots got provoked and were whizzing.”
“traces” instead if tracks, “ribbons” instead of ribs.
“Unerbayar with the knife several times trusted the wolf.”
"Spreading paws of its front feet and lowering its rumple”
“Mongols believed that items and utensils have soils”
“please, present us from
your parti-colored partridges”
“In Mongolian traditional medicine is believed to predict somebody’s becoming rich or poor by feeling his or her pulls.”
“In describing Red Protector god’s terrible expression is added horror strike with wolf figure opened wide its mow and baring teeth.”

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