Monday, April 28, 2008


Theres a penis rock in Omnigov that everyone worships. It was near one of the three ruins I went to with Akim and all the monks who were opening the stupa at the energy center of the world in early February. The kind of clear desert cold where your junk gets cold induced stage fright when you try to pee. There's also a vagina rock. This is one you walk through. It's like being reborn. When akim spoke through tugsoo today of the Mongolian genetic disposition toward drinking I said it sounded a bit like Native Americans, and then he said there's a legend about two brothers whose land was broken in two by much water, and the older brother was the Mongolian one and the younger brother was the Native American one.


Christian said...

There was a thing in the newspaper a few months ago (I looked for the link, but couldn't find it, sorry) about how the Mongols and the Native Americans have a shared genetic ancestry. Ultimately all people do, but supposedly this one was quite a bit closer than expected.

Also, Akim's legend sounds like the Bering Land Bridge. I'd be surprised if it really goes back that far, rather than being a modern folklorification (is that a word?) of the idea, but it's still interesting.

samraat said...