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Southern Mongolia Watch Info --- Amnesty International's Urgent Action on Jaranbayar Soyolt's Case

Document - China: Incommunicado Detention/ Fear of torture or
ill-treatment, Jaranbayar Soyolt (m)

PUBLIC AI Index: ASA 17/081/2008

04 June 2008

UA 155/08 _Incommunicado Detention/ Fear of torture or ill-treatment_

CHINA Jaranbayar Soyolt (m) aged 48, Mongolian citizen

Jaranbayar Soyolt has been detained by the Chinese authorities since
6 January for alleged involvement in "overseas activities harmful
to China’s security". Originally a Chinese citizen from the Inner
Mongolian Autonomous Region, he legally left China and settled in
Mongolia in 1991, and became a Mongolian citizen in 1997. His
current whereabouts are unknown, and he is at grave risk of torture
or other ill-treatment.

Jaranbayar Soyolt was detained by immigration officials at Beijing
Capital International Airport, as he entered the country with two
business colleagues. His colleagues went through immigration and
customs at the airport before him. After waiting for him for two
hours, his colleagues returned to inquire about the reason for his
delay. At the customs counter, they saw Jaranbayar Soyolt handcuffed
and surrounded by five policemen. Jaranbayar Soyolt told his
colleagues that he had been arrested by the Chinese police and asked
them to contact his family and the Mongolian Embassy in Beijing
immediately on his behalf.

Jaranbayar Soyolt telephoned one of his colleagues on 11 January, under duress from the Chinese authorities. Jaranbayar Soyolt said that he was being detained in Beijing because of problems with his passport, and asked that nothing about his arrest be revealed to foreign media in order not to “make things worse”. As a result of this threat, his family has not publicized his case until recently. They have not had any further contact with Jaranbayar Soyolt since this telephone call. On 31 January 2008, Beijing Public Security officials confirmed that Jaranbayar Soyolt had entered China through the airport on 6 January 2008, though they had previously denied any knowledge of his whereabouts. According to their latest statement, the Chinese authorities have placed Jaranbayar Soyolt under ‘house arrest’.

Jaranbayar Soyolt is a human rights activist and a founding member of several exiled dissident groups based in Mongolia. In 1981 he was one of the leaders of the Mongolian Student Movement, a mass protest by ethnic Mongolian students and academics against the Chinese Central Government’s plan to migrate 600,000 ethnic Han-Chinese into Inner Mongolia without consulting local communities. In 1992, he went into exile in Mongolia. From here, he continued his human rights activities. In 1993, he gave a speech at the World Mongolian Alliance First Congress publically criticising China’s ethnic policy as one of “ethnic cleansing and cultural genocide”. He was later granted asylum in Mongolia and Mongolian citizenship in 1997. The Chinese authorities have labelled him a Mongolian separatist and have claimed that he is plotting to overthrow the ruling communist party of China.

Jaranbayar Soyolt suffers from ill-health, and in the light of this
and of persistent reports about torture and other ill-treatment of
political dissidents in China, Amnesty International is extremely
concerned for his well-being and safety.

RECOMMENDED ACTION: Please send appeals to arrive as quickly as
possible in Chinese (Mandarin), English or your own language:

- calling on the Chinese authorities to reveal the whereabouts of Jaranbayar Soyolt, who was detained at Beijing Capital International Airport on 6 January;

- urging the authorities to release him immediately, or to charge him with a recognizably criminal offence and ensure he is tried promptly in proceedings which meet international fair trial standards;

- seeking assurances that he is treated humanely in detention, and not tortured or ill-treated;

- calling on the authorities to give him immediate and regular access to his family, a lawyer of his choice, and any medical treatment he may require.


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