Monday, June 23, 2008


It wasn't actually last night that I got mugged--I just wrote that entry the day after. The weekend was spent at Lake Huvsgul with my mother, who is in town. Instead of hiking and horse riding, which I was a little too banged up to do, I convalesced with the most comforting person in the world: my mother, who had exactly the right response to the upset. She looked at my bookshelf, took down Roald Dahl's The BFG, and read it aloud to me in bed over the weekend in our cozy ger.

And as cosmic reward, two French guys showed up with a couple affable Australians and immediately recognized my Mahm for who she really was: Agent M! Or, Judi Dench's doppelganger. Here are Michel and Roman, who were also singing the James Bond theme song:

Mahm looks rather pleased with herself, no? My favorite picture EVER.

I swear to GOD I'm transcribing tomorrow, but until then, enjoy some of the sights from the lake:

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