Sunday, July 20, 2008


Notes toward Hohhot, in China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region

Found poetry from a monastery in Hohhot

it's another appellation is the hall of returning to reflect, it was used to work as usual by the general which means second thoughts when emergency can remedy a shortcoming
now according to the original pattern the site of reading and working at that time is relived.

It was the place where the officials for seal worked. He had the charge of keeping keep the general seal and held the significant etiquette matters.

Here, the lower official ever drafted the documents.


Originally, lower officials assisted the general to cope with the important political and military matters here. Now the scene that Qing's officials handled the affairs at that time is relived according to the historical facts.

Hui Shui Chu, also named Wen Shi Chu, where the general's subordinates dealt with the daily grind.

Now the vicissitudes of the ancient architectural structures are displayed here.

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